Validating code

02-Mar-2020 11:37

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nifskope updating a nif version

Don’t limit your audience by creating limited pages.

It’s not hard to make your page accessible, and it will help you in the future as the rules become more stringent on this topic.

For example, you might notice that by including ARIA landmark roles in a HTML4 document creates some errors.

However, because we are knowingly improving the user’s experience, without introducing any actual issues, we might be inclined to accept this error as a false positive.

There are a few different services that will validate your HTML. This tool allows you to easily enter a URL, upload a file or paste code directly into the validator. The same applies for users of assistive technologies such as screen readers.

| PHP includes | X/HTML Validator | CSS validator | Common CSS Mistakes | Common JS Mistakes Remember people spend most of their time on other people's sites (so don't violate web design conventions). if you look at the symptoms, and trace it back to what your script is actually doing, you'll start feeling more confident about debugging your code.